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Buddhist General Academic Articles                  

Book: Why Buddhism?
Book: Buddhist Ethics in Daily Life
Free Khmer Calendar BE.2552, AD.2008
Community Newsletter September to December, 2007

Jayavarman VII, great Khmer King and an emblematic Figure of the Khmer Nation


- Khmer Youth Roles in a Multicultural Society
-Sociology in Buddhism
-The Gratitude towards Parents
-Meditation: study about the benefits for lives and practising method
- Mind=the main part of our body but diffictult to instruct
- Core teaching of Buddhism
- Concept of Religious and Spiritual
- Repute of Angkor Watt
- Khmer Tipitaka
- Kathina Chanting
- Buddhism & Economic
- Theology in Buddhism

- Cambodian Buddhism History
- Useful of Speech
- Life of Lord Buddha 1
- Life of Lord Buddha 2
- Dhamma: Buddha's teaching 1
- Dhamma: Buddha's teaching 2
- Buddhist Meditation News 1
- Buddhist Meditation News 2
- Buddhism and Science
- History of Cambodia Buddhism
- Building to end abuses

- Visakha Speech for the International Buddhist Foundation(May 29, 2005)

- Brief Presentation to Glewnbow Museum(May 28, 2005)

- Life of Lord Buddha 1
- Life of Lord Buddha 2
- Dhamma: Buddha's teaching 1
- Dhamma: Buddha's teaching 2
- Schools of Buddhism

- History of Buddhism in Cambodia
- The Repute of Angkor Wat (pdf file)
- The Useful Of Speech

The Core teachings of Lord Buddha: The Four Noble Truth
Whilst seated beneath the Bodhi tree the Buddha experienced the four noble truths: Audio Only

- Dukkha: All existence is unsatisfactory and filled with sufferings

- Samudaya: The root of sufferings can be defined as a craving or clinging to the wrong things; searching to find stability in a shifting world is the wrong way

- Nibbana: It is possible to find an end to suffering

- The Noble Eightfold Path is the way to finding the solution to suffering and bring it to an end

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