Two extremes should be avoided by a recluse: indulgence in sensual pleasures and addiction to self-mortification. Abandoning both these extremes the Tathagata has comprehended the Middle Path promoting sight and knowledge and tends to peace, higher wisdom, enlightenment and Nibbana. Lord Buddha!
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How do you benefit from meditation?
First, we train you to reach your Alpha Level of Mind. This is a deep level of consciousness that people achieve during meditation. The Alpha level is associated with intuition and ESP.

We train you to achieve this deep level of mind, at will, in less than 1 minute. Accomplishing this alone is a valuable feat - you are probably aware of the many benefits associated with meditation.

Meditation is fast gaining recognition worldwide. According to CBS news on Aug 27 3003 "More and more doctors recommend it. It's supposed to help depression, control pain, increase longevity, slow down cancers, invigorate the immune system, and significantly reduce blood pressure. Time Magazine Aug 4 2003 Time Magazine even devoted an entire issue to Meditation on Aug 4 2003 and credited it as a solutions to range of illnesses from skin conditions, stress, and chronic heart disease to AIDs and infertility. It even reported that "meditation can sometimes be used to replace Viagra."

In just the first day of training, you will be able to meditate and relax your mind and body within 1 minute. Stress, headaches, tensions, anger and insomnia will truly be a thing of the past.(Read the guide to meditation)

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Parents Respecting Code Poem:By Pandit Ou Chong

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Workshop Presentation on Buddhist Perspectives on Domestic Violence.
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Relief fund raising for the Tsunami Victims has raised 5445$ Canada to match the Government fund and can be accumulated to 10890$ Canada See CTV's event broadcasting, CTV link, Event Photos

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Our Khmer-Canadian Buddhist Cultural Centre is a place for every one to come, visit and enjoy exploring Khmer Buddhist religion and Culture. This website gives a flavour of what it might be like to visit our Centre. (see the map) (Reading & Listening to the popularity of Buddhist Meditation 1*2)

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