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Buddhist General Academic Articles                  

Our Centre’s Main Activities

I. Meditation
Opened daily to the public to fit individual’s needs and particular choices. Meditation can achieve the following objectives:
- Improve physical coordination and athlete performance.
- Increase capacity to relate to others with openness and warmth, which can enhance the enjoyment of oneself and others.
- Increase job proficiency.
- Gain a sense of harmony with life.
- Achieve greater self-acceptance.
- Enhance creativity.
- Enhance intuition or “going with your gut”.
- Become more patient, more creative, and more open.
- Develop resilience to face tough situations.
- Enriching the sense of generosity, morality, peaceful mind, and intelligence.

More than these, Meditation provides us many benefits in daily life such as:
- If you are a busy person, meditation can help you to get rid of tension and to find relaxation.
- If you are a worried person, meditation can help to calm you and help you to find either permanent or temporary peace.
- If you are a person who has endless problems, meditation can help you to develop courage and strength to face and overcome problems.
- If you lack self-confidence, meditation can help you to gain the self-confidence you need. This self-confidence is the secret of success.
- If you have fear in your heart, meditation can help you to understand the real nature of the objects that are making you afraid - then you can overcome the fear in your mind.
-If you are always dissatisfied with everything - nothing in life seems to be satisfactory, meditation will give you the chance to develop and to maintain some inner satisfaction.
- If you are sceptical and disinterested in religion, meditation can help you to go beyond your own scepticism and to see some practical value in religious guidance.
- If you are frustrated and heart-broken due to lack of understanding of the nature of life and the world, meditation will truely guide you and help you to understand that you are disturbed by unnecessary things.
- If you are a rich man, meditation can help you to realize the nature of your wealth and how to make use of your wealth for your own happiness as well as for others.
- If you are a poor man, meditation can help you to have some contentment and not to harbour jealousy towards those who have more than you.
- If you are a young man at the cross-roads of your life,and you do not know which way to turn, meditation will help you to understand which is the road for you to travel to reach your proper goal.
- If you are an elderly man who is fed-up with life, meditation will bring you to a deeper understanding of life; this understanding in turn will relieve you from the pains of life and will increase the joy of living.
- If you are hot-tempered, you can develop the strength to overcome this weakness of anger, hatred, and resentment.
- If you are jealous, you can understand the danger of your jealousy.
- If you are a slave to your five senses, you can learn how to become the master of your sense-desires.
- If you are addicted to drinking or to drugs, you can realize how to overcome the dangerous habit which has enslaved you.
- If you are an ignorant person, this meditation will give you a chance to cultivate some knowledge that will be useful and beneficial both to you and to your friends and family.
- If you really practise this meditation, your emotion will have no chance to make you a fool any more.
- If you are a wise person, this meditation will take you to supreme enlightenment. Then you will see things as they are, and not as they appear to be.
- If you are a weak-minded person, this meditation can strengthen your mind to develop your will-power in order to overcome your weakness.

II. Khmer School
We have established a Khmer language school for Cambodian youth as well as for the public.
Objectives of Khmer language school:
- To teach them moral ethics and the understanding of life.
- To inspire them to think about the values of preserving Khmer culture.
- To instruct them about Khmer language, and educate them about establishing a harmonious life with society.
- They can comprehend how important it is to respect elders and others.
- They could understand the ideas of being a good person, a good child, a good student, a good friend, a good member of the community, and a good follower to any religion.
- They could adapt to their daily life with Cambodian relatives and the Cambodian community.
- They will broaden their communication skills when they have the ability to speak more than one language.
- They could understand the value of knowing about their ancestor’s history.
- They can be more receptive to volunteering or serving the community.

III. Sila Precepts Obtaining Day.
There are four days in each month, which focuses on cleansing the mind and ethical reminding.
Precepts are:
- Abstaining from hurting or killing living beings. They must be capable of giving compassion and love to all beings.
- Abstaining from corruption or stealing. They must have an honest livelihood and be diligent.
- Abstaining from sexual misconduct or committing adultery. They must be aware of obtaining consensual consent.
- Abstaining from telling lies, using malicious words, harsh words and useless speech with everyday verbalizing.
- Abstaining from taking intoxicant or addicting drugs. They must be aware of observing mindfulness.

IV. Dana Alms Food Offering.

Buddhists and lay people come to the temple daily, during the mornings and at noon to offer food to the monks.
In doing so, they gain merits and interests such as:
- Becoming more generous in serving and supporting others.
- Reducing feelings of being miserly (greedy) and selfish.
- Gain individual merits.
- Become involved with enhancing the community.
- Gain an opportunity to hear the ways of achieving a pure and happy life.
- Have hope of having a good life.
- Become enriched with the concepts of sacrificing for peace and sustainable progress.
- Believe in the law of kamma (cause and effect); doing good results in good and doing evil results in evil.
- Support monks who live their lives by the generosities of others.
- Staying near the monks who have been recognized as the best role model of ethical practitioner.

V. Life Advice (Coaching).
Advices are given to those who have faced with the tough problems of life that affects them physically, emotionally and mentally such as:
- To help them deal with stressful and frustrating situations.
- To instruct and explain the usefulness of self-healing through breathing meditation.
- To illustrate some ways of making good choices in projecting life and solving problems.
- To explain the middle path of living.
- To explain how useful it is to avoid two extreme ways: indulgent in materialims and self-modification.

VI. Hall for Public Service.

There are many other cultural groups that come to provide services within our centre such as Srilanka, Burmese, Thai, Laos, Mon, etc. These collaborations provide opportunities for:
- Mutual understanding
- Strengthening community-base harmony.
- Enriching the concepts of multiculturalism, multireligionism, and multilingualism.
- Fostering the reconciliation of diverse communities.
- To evoke more awareness of diversity.

Note: Through the above mentioned activities, we hope to strengthen the Canadian communities of Calgary. These activities could enrich the sense of a multicultural society. Canada’s government will be satisfied to have communities’ participating with this crucial social initiative. More than this, citizens both young and old could enhance their awareness of community accountability. Our members and colleagues aim to achieve these goals, and we hope it could be accomplished through the support and encouragement from the government of Canada.

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