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Photo Gallery                   

Meditation Instruction Meditation Instruction House Warming 2013 PPA Anniversary 2012
Year End Party 2012 Happy New Year 2013 Gratitute Ceremony for the Abbot Keo Hong Scholarship Awarding to Excellent Students
Asian Heritage Day Seminar on Engaged Buddhism 100 Days Anniversary of Mr. Prach Youth Ordination Camp
3R Project of KYAA Visak Bochea 2554 New Year Celebration at Calgary Part II New Year Celebration at Calgary Part I
New Year Celebration at Brooks Funeral Service of Mr.Prach Popular Singer Ms. Choun Sreymao at Calgary Meditation Instruction
Meditation Instruction Meditation Instruction Meditation Instruction Meditation Instruction
Meditation Instruction Pchum Ben Feast Festival 2005 Khmer Language School 2006 Cambodian New Year Celebration April 14-16, 2006
Kathin Saffron Robe Offering Ceremony 2005 Khmer Traditional and Exhibition at Glenbow Museum Important Conferences, Seminars and Special Activities in Center Mr.ORN KER's funeral 
        service and Loving Memory in May 7, 2005
Khmer Language School Students 2005<font size= Fall in Canada 2005 Mr.Oung Khan Funeral Ceremony 
        and his 7 days anniversary Fund Raising and Praying 
        Ceremonty to those Tsunami Victims
Cambodian New Year Celebration 
        of B.E.2549 or A.D.2005 Cambodian New Year Celebration 
        on Friday-Saturday, April 2-3, B.E.2548 or A.D.2004 Khmer Language Class 2004 Ms.Lon Neang death ceremony, 
        New House celebration and Maghapuja Dya
General Aspects of Khmer Buddhist Temple in Calgary Sacred Pole Anauguration Ceremony or Bon Banchos Sima(between 
        June 13-15, 2003) Cambodian New Genius Generations are Concentrating 
        to Gain Wisdom Bon Choul Vassan and Pka Prak Samakii(Buddhist 
        Lent Ceremony and Collecting Money Raising Fund
Cambodian Students attending Khmer 
        Classes on Saturday & Sunday School in order to inherite the most invaluable 
        Khmer culture Cambodian New Year Celebration Year 
        of 2547/2003 General Views of Cambodian Temple 
        of Calgary in Winter Season Yearly Function & Collecting Money Ceremony
Cremation Ceremony of Ms.Theu Phen, Saturday-Monday, January-February 
        31-2, B.E.2547 A.D.2004 Watt Khmer Samakii Edmonton or 
        Khmer Buddhist United-Temple of Edmonton Teaching English as A 
        Foreign Language Course in August 9-20, 2004 Maha Upaseka CHHOY TANG 
        OR and Upasaka CHHIM SAN's death ceremony pictures
Autumn Pictures and Other 
        Autumn Activities of Cambodian People in Calgary Kathina Saffron Robe Offering Ceremony 2548/2004 Prince Boromaneath Norodom Sihamoni Coronation Ceremony Meditation Instruction
Meditation Instruction Meditation Instruction Meditation Instruction Meditation Instruction

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