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By their devoting to Buddhism, Mr. Seng Bun Yaon and Family donated all the money from generosity ($1400 Canada and $5 US) to the temple.
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Preaching for Mrs.LON NEANG ceremony
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Gratitude Ceremony to dedicate and bless to the death mother MS.LON NEANG who died in the 17 of January, 2547 or 2004 at Siem Reap Province. So her daughter Mrs.Som Euon and spause Mr.Seng Buy Yaon with sons and daughters had held the Gratitude Ceremony to dedicate and bless to her in the 20-21 of March, 2547 or 2004 at Wat Khmer Samakii Calgary.
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New House Celebration Ceremony of Mr.Mao Phath & Mrs.Kol Phath
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Maghapuja Day Ceremony held on Friday-Saturday of the 6-7 of February, B.E.2547 or A.D.2004 at Wat Khmer Samakii Calgary
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Dhammapada 212-216:

From what's dear is born grief,
from what's dear is born fear.
For one freed from what's dear
there's no grief
-- so how fear?

From what's loved is born grief,
from what's loved is born fear.
For one freed from what's loved
there's no grief
-- so how fear?
From delight is born grief,
from delight is born fear.
For one freed from delight
there's no grief
-- so how fear?
From sensuality is born grief,
from sensuality is born fear.
For one freed from sensuality
there's no grief
-- so how fear?
From craving is born grief,
from craving is born fear.
For one freed from craving
there's no grief
-- so how fear?

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