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There is no fire like greed. No crime like hatred. No sorrow like separation. No sickness like hunger of heart. And no joy like the joy of freedom. Health, contentment and trust are your greatest possessions. Look within, be still, free from fear and attachment, know the sweet joy of living in the way. Lord Buddha!
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Hi everybody !
Welcome to, here is the great step for you to surf this new homepage. You will be able to experience and learn more about Khmer through your treading in here. will satisfy you to fulfil your passion of knowledge about the worldview, perspectives and vision of Cambodians.

This vision stands on the righteousness. And this righteouness was informed by Lord Buddha.

So how could Buddhism share the visions for Cambodia to strengthen its unity, peace, development and true happiness. Also how could we apply this invaluable treasure of Buddhism to develop economic and also territory integrety of Cambodia?.

This homepage will deal with collecting Dhamma Preaching from various Khmer well-known monks, laypeople, traditional music, literature, Buddhist academic writtings, Buddhism for beginners, social activities of Cambodian community, every Khmer links, news and the rest...

We also, webmasters, will apologize for any unconvenience of surfing this homepage.
    With Metta Dhamma
   Webmaster Group!

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Natthi Santi Param Sukham
-Dhammapada, XV.20-
No other bliss is greater than the Perfect Peace
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The Repute of Angkor Wat

The Useful of Speech.
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Students of Khmer Langauge Class (Buddhist Saturday School)

Dear Children,

Would you feel tired if you traveled 100 miles in a BMW car or would you feel tired if you had to walk on the road in the hot sun, perspiring, dusty, with your body aching? Which would you prefer?

Do you cry if somebody takes your toy? Are you unhappy if somebody takes your favourite pen, book or stopped you from doing what you like? Are you afraid when your Mom and Dad leave you alone at home? Do you get angry when your sis knocks off your favourite television program?

All this is because you don't follow the advice of the Buddha. The Buddha is the most kind, most loving, most generous, most understanding and the most knowing Teacher and Friend the world has ever had. He was a Teacher and a Friend not only to all of us but also to the gods, to the animals and all living beings.

He taught us the way to be happy, to be kind, to be caring and sharing and the way to make others happy. He taught us the way not to be frightened, the way not to cry and the way not to be jealous and angry, because when we are frightened, angry or jealous we are unhappy. But when you are kind, caring and sharing, helping others, you are happy and everyone around you is happy. You always have friends where ever you go, whether you are at home or in another country.

So all that the Buddha has taught us is called the "Dhamma." Being in Dhamma is like going about in a BMW. When you go about in a BMW, you don't feel tired at all, you are happy, comfortable and confident. Likewise, when you are in Dhamma , you do not feel tired at all, because your mind is happy, forgiving, kind, generous, helping everybody, all human beings, animals, etc. When you are in Dhamma, you will always have friends where ever you go.

This also, good children, you have to respond your duties and do it with your best to overcome all challenging works. You have to study hard, discipline yourselves, respect parents, teachers and elders....

You have a great deal to come and joine studying Khmer laguage. When you could understand, speak and write Khmer laguage which is your ancestor's heritage, you will have a good fortune for your lives and it symbolizes to a good person.

Try Your Best Everybody,


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