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Jesus Through Buddhist Eyes
What is Buddhist Meditation??




Poster of Seminar on "Reconfiguration of the Khmer Soul on March 17, 2012
To Celebration the Successful Vipassana Practitioners and Ven. Sombunthoeun Commemoration Ceremony
Seminar on the Reconfiguration of the Khmer Soul on March 17, 2012
Free Khmer Calendar B.E.2554, A.D.2010
Community Newsletter from November to December 2009
Khmer Annual Rituals and Schedule
Flyer of Year End Event 2009 in Detail
Flyer of Year End Concert by Popular Singer Chhoun Sreymao
Community Newsletter: September to October 2009
Free Khmer Calendar BE.2552, AD.2008 Community Newsletter September to December, 2007
Community Newsletter May to August, 2007
Community Newsletter January - April, 2007
Cambodian New Year Celebration 2007
Newsletter September - December, 2006
Newsletter May - August, 2006
Welcome to the 2550th Anniversary of Lord Buddha's Birthday
Newsletter January - April 2006
Cambodian New Year 2006
Ros Ran's Funeral Services
Maghapuja Day or Buddha Dhamma Day & Pka Prak Fund Raising
Newsletter Update of September-December 2005
Free Khmer Calendar 2006 , or Webpage
Kathin Saffron Robe Offering 2005
Pchum Ben Festival or Feast Festival For Ancestor Celebration
Maha Upaseka Hanh Lee Funeral & Her Commemoration Speech
Maha Upaseka Unkeoun Khem Funeral & Her Commemoration Speech
Newsletter May-August 2005
P'chum Ben or Feast Festival For Ancestors in Brooks
Buddhist Lent and Fund Raising Ceremony 2005
Visakha or Buddha's Birthday Celebration Invitation
Cambodian New Year of 2549 Inauguration Program & Press Release
Cambodian New Year Celebration Program for 2005
Community Newsletter for January to June, 2005
Workshop on Buddhist Perspectives on Domestic Violence
Relief Fund Raising for Tsunami Victims
Relief fund raising for the Tsunami Victims has raised 5445$ Canada to match the Government fund and can be accumulated to 10890$ Canada See CTV's event broadcasting, CTV link, Event Photos  
Free Khmer Calender 2005
Free Khmer Calender 2004
Kathina Saffron Robe Festival Ceremony of the year 2004
Pchum Ben Day = Feast Festival for Ancestors
Fund Raising Ceremony (June 25-26, 2004) 
Vipassana Insight Meditation News, Registration Form 
Khmer New Year Final Celebration  
Insight Meditation Course Program (Registration Form)
Bon Choul Chhnam Khmer Or Cambodian New Year Celebration will help on Friday-Saturday 2-3. April, 2004 at Marlborough Hall. So please come to joine and gain individual's merits solemnly! 
Feast Festival for ancestors ((hold on February 28, 2004) 
Maghapuja Day or The Day of Dhamma(Buddha's Teachings) Ceremony
Bon Pachum Ben or Cambodian Feast Festival For Ancestors Ceremony Read Both Khmer & English


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