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Welcome to, here is the great step of yours to surf this new homepage. You could experience and learn more about Khmer through your treading in here. will satisfy you to fulfil your pasion of knowledge about the worldview, perspectives and vision of Cambodians.

This vision stands on the righteousness. And this righteouness was informed by Lord Buddha.

So how could Buddhism shares the visions for Cambodia to strengthen its unity, peace, development and true happiness. Also how could we apply the invaluable treasure of Buddhism to develope economic and also territory integrety of Cambodia?.

This homepage will deal with collecting Dhamma Preaching from various Khmer well-known monks, laypeople, music, Buddhist academic writtings, Buddhism for beginners, social activities of Cambodian community, every Khmer links, news and the rest...

We also, webmasters, will apologize for any unconvenience of surfing this homepage.

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Chapey Master Praj Chhoun


Chapey Master Praj Chhoun is a virtuoso of the Chapey Dong Veng. Chapey is a guitar-like instrument and Master Praj Chhoun specializes in the one with an elongated neck(Dong Veng).

Dhapey lends its name to a popular type of performing arts. Sessions of Chapey are improvisations before live audiences as the Chapey Master weaves lyrics and chapey strumming together around themes suitable for the occasion.

Traditionally, by word of mouth, a Chapey Master garners his renown through the differenct villages and towns where he is invited to perform at social weddings and other social events.

Renowned Chapey Master, such as Master Praj Chhoun, are virtuoso of improvisations, poets, story-tellers, satirists, social commentators, and educators of social mores and customs.

In his 70s, Master Praj Chhoun still delights audiences in his native Cambodia as well as abroad. He stays as sharp as ever over socio-political issues of the day and he is well-versed in the Buddha's Teachings.

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